Built in 1985, Reggio Emilia Exhibition Centre finds its place in the centre of the most crucial area of the city. The one overlooked by the Calatrava bridges, a stone’s throw away from the new Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana railway station and a few hundred meteres from the A1 motorway exit.
The history of the Reggio Emilia exhibition centre begins at the end of the ‘70. The idea of the area was born to meet two priority needs: to give an appropriate location to the trade fairs that were then held at the old Foro Boario or in others makeshift locations and to transfer in a decentralized area the livestock market, by then surrounded by urban settlements.
To build the infrastructure, on November 27th, 1981, the Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Reggio Emilia, together with five local banks, gave life to SOFISER Spa.
In April 1987 the management of Fiere Reggio Emilia was entrusted to Siper – Fiere di Reggio Emilia srl. The main members were the Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality and the Province of Reggio Emilia, then CNA, the Industrial Association, Par.Co and the four “agricultural” associations (Coldiretti, Unione Agricoltori, Associazione Allevatori and Confederezione Italiana Agricoltori) and, with symbolic participation, five other trade associations.
At Fiere Reggio Emilia come to light very successful events such as Casa & Tavola, Cambi & Scambi, Shopping, Pin, Salone del Cavallo, while the availability of an adequate structure facilitates the growth and consolidation also of hosted initiatives such as the international pig show “Rassegna Suinicola Internazionale”, the international ornithological exhibit “Esposizione Ornitologica Internazionale” and the regional show dairy cattle “Mostra Regionale Bovini da latte”, but also the “C.A.M.E.R. Mostra-scambio” of cars, motorcycles and vintage spare parts, the national antiques exhibition “Oro, incenso e antico” and the International Dog Show “Mostra Internazionale Canina”.
From time to time, these initiatives are flanked by others, targeted on several sectors: contemporary art, sport fishing, collecting, wellness and leisure time.
A very intense agenda is the result, and of remarkable promotional impact, especially for a city like Reggio Emilia that has come last, in a purely chronological sense, in the regional and Italian trade fairs context.
The strong point remains the livestock sector for which Reggio Emilia, thanks to a long and consolidated specialization, boasts an undeniable supremacy. But the exhibition centre is not dedicated exclusively to fairs. The exhibition activities also include different uses of the structure: sporting events, cultural and musical entertainment, of utility for companies (meetings and conventions) and an intense conference activity.
From June 2009, the merger between the two companies related to the exhibition center is completed: Sofiser (owner of the property) and Siper (company that manages the exhibition center). In January 2012 Reggio Emilia Fiere was born.
Subsequently, following the procedure in composition with creditors of Reggio Emilia Fiere, in November 2016 the company La Bussola s.c. takes part, at the Court of Reggio Emilia, at an auction on the management of fairs events winning the contract.
In January 2018 the management of the fair passed to the company Terminal One Spa.