Date apertura di gennaio del Mercato dei Piccoli Animali

Si comunica che nel mese di gennaio il Mercato dei Piccoli Animali riaprirà domenica 20. Resterà chiuso invece domenica 27 gennaio a causa delle concomitanza con altri eventi fieristici (Usatissimo uh!). Clicca qui per scoprire ulteriori informazioni sul mercato domenicale.

December closing dates for the Small Animals Market

During December 2018, the Small Animals Market will be closed on Sunday 2nd, 23rd and 30th, due to the concurrence with other trade fairs ( including “Cambi & Scambi” and “Random“) Click here to find out more information about the Sunday market.

November closing dates for the Small Animals Market

During November 2018, the Small Animals Market will be closed on Sunday 4th, 18th and 25th November, due to the concurrence with other trade fairs, respectively Toscana in fiera and the International Ornithological Exhibition. Click here to find out more information about the Sunday market.

20’000 attendees for Cavalli a Reggio

The second edition of Cavalli a Reggio was greeted with great warmth by the Reggio Emilia’s (and not only) public, recording over 20 thousand appearances in the 3 days of the event.   Thanks also to its rich schedule that, with dances and country music at all hours, competitions, equestrian shows, stands and theme restaurants, […]

Announcements. Online tickets for the 79th International Ornithological Exhibition

The 79th edition of the International Ornithological Exhibition, scheduled from November 23rd to 25th at the Fiere Reggio Emilia, will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Ornithological Society of Reggio Emilia (1938-2018) and many innovations are coming to commemorate this important milestone. First of all the online ticket office that will allow you to buy […]

Excellent results for the 60th Mostra Mercato del Fumetto

There have been so many visitors that last weekend have made a new, great success for the Mostra Mercato del Fumetto, which has celebrated its 60th edition in Reggio. Organized this year too by Fiere Reggio Emilia together with Anafi (National Association of Friends of Comics and Illustration) and Arci, the great event in Reggio Emilia […]

Two exhibitions of the OFF circuit of Fotografia Europea 2018 at Fiere Reggio Emilia

From April 20th to June 17th, on the occasion of the 2018 European Photography’s edition, Fiere Reggio Emilia will host two exhibitions of the OFF circuit. It is possible to visit the exhibitions during the opening hours of the exhibition center, with the exception of Monday 30 April (for extraordinary closing). Exhibition “CABIRIA il fato, l’acqua, la storia” […]

Fiere Reggio Emilia crowded for Random #UnaFestaACaso

Thousands of young people have “invaded” Fiere Reggio Emilia last night to attend the event “Random #UnaFestaACaso”, organized in the pavilion D from 10.00 pm to 3.00 am. “At random” was the watchword of the evening. Only by dressing AT RANDOM you could win and become the idols of the crowd. The music was also […]