There are 21 countries represented at the 80th International Ornithological Exhibition, including sports breeders, trade shows and judges.
This is the new record set by the SOR International.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to add to this number also the countries the visitors will be from.

In this regard, a great effort was made by SOR to publicize the event in non-traditional countries, particularly in the extreme and middle east.

The service of delivery of health certificates for foreign countries will be strengthened, thanks to the precious collaboration with the B. Pascal Institute of Reggio Emilia, linguistic section. The service is active in Pavilion B at the veterinary box.

With another institution in Reggio Emilia, the A. Zanelli, a valuable collaboration is being conducted to assist the judges during the trial, to ensure maximum transparency of the judgment itself and to avoid that external influences affect it.


Source: SOR Reggio Emilia