Superstar Comics! At Fiere Reggio Emilia the 60th Mostra Mercato del Fumetto

Unmissable appointment for all fans and collectors of the Ninth Art

Reggio Emilia is a city that has a special place in the Italian comics scene. A position that comes from a successful story, longer than thirty years, of the most long-lived and impressive Italian market of collectibles, a moment of almost unique encounter between supply and demand of precious treasures, of what Hugo Pratt called ” drawn literature “.

The context of encounter is such that the “tribe” of enthusiasts and collectors arrives in Reggio also to feel part of a world that, despite its niche, has a following of thousands of proselytes. The 60th edition of the historic Mostra Mercato will be held on Saturday 26th May, at Fiere Reggio Emilia, in one day from 9 am to 6 pm, Pavilion B.

Organized by Fiere Reggio Emilia together with Anafi (National Association of Friends of Comics and Illustration) and Arci, the exhibition is considered the paradise of all those who love, read and exchange collection comics. Here, in fact, you can find books, volumes, magazines, almost unavailable journal, thanks to the presence of about 120 exhibitors and private collectors, with numerous amateur publishing houses that print, or reprint, the adventures of the popular heroes in particular from the ’40s to the’ 70s, although there are, of course, the most recent characters.

From Tex to Zagor, from Alan Ford to Diabolik, from Martin Mystére to Dylan Dog, every enthusiast will be able to discover the stories of their favorite characters, even the rarest ones. But among the more than 300 stands will be the phenomenon of recent years, the so-called graphic novel (american term that we could translate as “comic novel”), niche publishers with the comic in its various expressions and genres, and of course also the superheroes made in USA, the action figures and still the albums of football players, the movie posters, the postcards.

Several publishers will be present with their productions, often accompanied by important guests who will enhance the event with their presence to further motivate the participation of the public. From Cronache di Topolinia to Mencaroni Editore, from the Editoriale Mercury to the Editioni DI / Il Grifo, from the Editoriale Cosmo and Nona Arte to Elara, from 001 to Allagalla, from Fumo di China to Little Nemo.

Among the guests who have already confirmed their presence, also to autograph drawings, books and volumes there will be Claudio Villa, one of the best known and successful Italian comic artists, known mostly to have take over from Aurelio Galleppini the role of drawing Tex’s cover, the more long-lived and sold serial comic of our country, and then Massimo Gamberi (comic artist of Phantom, the character known by us as Masked Man, for the Australian publisher Frew), Alessandro Poli (comic artist for some Bonelli series, including Dylan Dog and Tex), and Donald Soffritti (Disney author between Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse).

But the awarding of the annual Anafi referendum and board awards will be an additional opportunity to meet many other publishers, designers, authors and characters from the Italian comic world: Simone Airoldi, Ario Albertarelli, Francesco Artibani, Alberto Becattini, Alessandro Bilotta, Gianni Bono, Luca Boschi, Gianni Brunoro, Alfredo Castelli, Onofrio Catacchio, Ivano Codina, Giulio Cuccolini, Gian Luigi Gaspa, Nazareno Giusti, Mauro Lepore, Corrado Mastantuono, Paolo Mottura and many others.

New this year will be the presence of the International School of Comics through its headquarters in Reggio Emilia, with Giuseppe Camuncoli and Carmine Di Giandomenico, comic artists of international level who boast Marvel and DC collaborations; at the school stand It will be possible to take part in the contest which is giving away 3 scholarships for the best drawings elaborated during the day.

The exhibition that, as usual, completes the offer, will be particularly significant celebrating Giovannino Guareschi 50 years after his death and 110 since his birth, and his Mondo Piccolo, with the unforgettable protagonists Don Camillo and Peppone 70 years after the release of the first book in the series. It will be possible to admire a selection of humorous cartoons by Bertoldo and Candido, an anthology of comic strips published by Renoir and a series of photographs of the films. To make the exhibition even more spectacular, the original Moto Guzzi will be exhibited in the vintage sets and two actors will animate the exhibition space, interacting with the audience.

An extraordinary full immersion in the magical world of comics that you can not really miss.