International Cat Exhibition at Fiere Reggio Emilia on September 15th and 16th

Rare and valuable breeds will be present, and European-level beauty competitions will be held

REGGIO EMILIA – On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September, a large cat show will be held at Fiere Reggio Emilia, for enthusiasts but also for all those who simply love cats, and who will have the opportunity to see specimens of great rarity and prestige. The exhibition is organized and promoted by the Star Cats Association under the aegis of ANFI, the Italian National Feline Association, and will feature the cats belonging to different races recognized internationally by the FIFe (Féderation International Féline), to which they belong 40 Countries where exhibitions are held with the same regulations and in compliance with the same breed standards.

A sector of the exhibition area will be dedicated to the demonstration stands of food products, with the presence of leading companies on the market, and of various objects, obviously always inherent to the world of cats: it will therefore be possible to do theme shopping.

The cats, true protagonists of the two days, will be present on display and to compete in the international and European beauty championships. They will be judged by experts from different countries such as France, Russia, Croatia, Israel, Bulgaria, Czech Republic. Every day will give a rating to the cats in the competition, then in the two days there will be two different judgments and two Best in Show, two exciting catwalks specimens of the highest level that will be illustrated by experts and paraded on stage to give detailed information on the races, their history, the legends that accompany each of them. You can take pictures in the company of cat Sylvester, the mascot puppet of the event.

An international meeting, which will also be attended by many “Reggio” cats of high lineage. It will be possible to admire races of great charm and among the most appreciated by fans, such as the magnificent Bengal, with their extraordinary leopard cloak, a man-made cat with crosses between the Felis Bengalensis (small Asian leopard) and European cats: from the first they inherited the beautiful mantle, from the second the sweetness of the character. And there will be the Maine Coon giants, cats of considerable size both in length and weight, with a fascinating story behind, linked to the origins in the State of Maine on the border between USA and Canada. And even the Singapura, the smallest cats in the world, which look like puppies even as adults, the American Curl, known as the cat with the ears turned up as if it were in front of a huge fan, the Sphinx, who do not have the hair, bred by many fans of the breed for the sweetness of the character, the Devon Rex, originating from the coal mines of southern England, the Egyptian Mau, of very ancient origin, depicted even in the walls inside the pyramids, the Russian Blue, the Tsar cats, the Chartreux famous for their fur used in antiquity to produce warm and soft yarns, and then many Siamese, Oriental, British, Persian, exotic and other surprises that will be unveiled to visitors.

This is not a display for sale, as all cats present are adored by owners and they would never separate from their “champions”. In this period of the year, then, many exposed subjects will be puppies of all races, very tender presences that will play and will be pampered willingly. As part of the exhibition there will also be a representation of the OIPA (International Organization for the Protection of Animals) which will provide information on the adoption of their young guests.

The exhibition will be open to the public on a continued schedule from 10 am to 6.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday (ticket price € 8, reduced € 5 for children. Reduction of € 1 valid only on Saturday for those who present at the ticket office the Facebook users dedicated voucher, downloadable from their computer).

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