Fairs: 7,000 people at the Small Animals Market. It will become the Earth Market

On Sunday morning, March 26th, the Small Animal Market opened at Fiere Reggio Emilia in Filangieri street, 15.

Thanks to a sunny warm spring day, there were about 7,500 visitors who went to the Fairs. Who to buy a small animal, who a plant, a flower, who to buy accessories for animals, but also families who have simply walked around, pleasantly looking around between a stall and the other.

The success that continues to collect the Sunday Small Animals Market at Fiere Reggio Emilia, has led to the hypothesis, much appreciated by operators and users, of an evolution. Soon the Small Animal Market will turn into “Market of the earth”. While the supply of small animals has remained unchanged as it has always been, will be involved farmers and farms to promote the typical products of our land and products at Km 0.

In addition, courses are planned to teach how to prepare tasty dishes with products collected directly from the earth.

Among the objectives, also that of sensitizing citizens to an agricultural and economic culture, typical of our territory and our tradition.