Enrico Letta at Fiere Reggio Emilia

Article taken from ReggioNelWeb.it (link).

There were about 200 people listening to Enrico Letta , last night at the conference hall of Fiere Reggio Emilia, among these numerous former members and administrators of DC-Partito Popolare-Margherita also coming from other cities of Emilia Romagna. But they were not the only ones to dedicate an evening to the former premier, in the hall there were in fact several historical activists of the former PC-DS-Pds today united in the association “Reggio Diritti e Libertà”.

To welcome at the arrival of Letta, Marco Barbieri, President of CeStER-Center Studi Emilia Romagna-, and the municipal councilor PD Pierluigi Saccardi, friends of Letta since the days of young DC.

Among the audience stood the presence of Andrea Costa, Nando Rinaldi, Gianluca Cantergiani, Elena Montecchi, Antonella Incerti, Fausto Giovanelli, Iuna Sassi, Emanuele Cavallaro, Franco Ferretti, Nino Tagliavini, Ilenia Malavasi, Mario Dall’Asta, Mauro Vicini, Massimo Bulbi, Giordano Rodolfi, Pietro Pazzaglini, Davide Dazzi, Gilberto Gasparini, Roberta Pavarini.

Enrico Letta, solicited by journalist Pierluigi Senatore on the topics dealt within the book “Contro venti e maree“, spoke about the changes taking place in Europe: “The British and the Americans have made the two leading countries of globalization marginalize. The first choosing to leave Europe with Brexit and the others by choosing Trump. In short, they decided not to be on the side of the integration. In France, however, Macron took an opposite direction, even compared to the two traditional parties, with speeches that any communicator would have told him not to do. Politics should understand how to manage changes at a time of global growth that is increasingly leading to the growth of inequality”.

For Enrico Letta, a solution lies in revising the concept of political and political leadership: “If we theorized that the leader is the follower of his followers, we would all be tempted to write to please the follower’s belly, thus risking becoming a follower of the our followers. In this way, however, nothing is built. If I think of the greats of the past, those who opposed the people around them made history. “

It was not an Internet condemnation, however, Letta in fact praises the transparency that exists today thanks to the web: “There is no longer the space for a time for certain cunning, Machiavelli thanks to the web does not work, because everything comes out, everything becomes transparent, traced, visible”.

The former premier, after having explained that a correct integration is also important in the fight against terrorism, called for greater Europeanism: “Europe has become positive for those who are cosmopolitan, for non-cosmopolitans Europe is not positive”.

Inevitably a reflection on the voting day on the electoral law, voting that blew up the Pd-M5s-Fi-Lega pact: “It was a bad day, we gave a very bad image”. “Politics is made of priorities, to understand if one is a good politician or not, it is enough to ask what are the priorities – Letta explained -. If in these weeks the priority was to go to the vote as soon as possible for unfortunately very clear needs, the bench jumps, the priority can not be this. Instead, it is important to recreate order in the system to have a stable majority in the next legislature “.

Enrico Letta never mentions Renzi, but the reference is very clear and the struck arrows were certainly not light: “What happened today is the son of lack of self-criticism of what happened with the referendum. Instead of blaming others, we needed to reflect. After the referendum – Letta concluded – I felt something out of the world: ‘We start again from that 40%’. The fact is that you lost, and you lost too badly. I find the lack of reflection on why the country has turned against you. Continuing with a certain attitude means bringing harmful weights for the entire country into the next legislature “.