From Sunday May 14th, okay to sell chickens and birds in the market

From next Sunday, May 14th, at Fiere Reggio Emilia, where the usual Sunday market of small animals takes place, the marketing of poultry and birds is back.

The authorization was issued by the Reggio Emilia Local Health Service Ausl, Veterinary Public Health Service, after the suspension of the avian case, following the request of La Bussola scrl, a company that manages all the exhibitions at Fiere Reggio Emilia. The possibility of exception from the Ministry of Health Prot 8246 of 30/03/2017 is granted in those territories not included in the restricted areas due to bird flu.

In compliance with the ministerial system (points 9 and 10 Annex II) the persons in charge of the marked guarantee that “adequate equipment will be present for cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment” ensuring that “at the end of the market cleaning and disinfection operations will be carried out with products active against influenza viruses”.