Ticketland - Servizi di biglietteria

The online purchase of tickets is subject to a pre-sale fee of € 1.There are commission costs, equal to 12% of the face value of the purchased title. From this system of purchase it is not possible to accept the bank transfer but only payment by credit card. The purchase involves printing the title at home (print @ home). It is therefore necessary to print the purchase receipt which contains the bar code necessary for access to the event, without the need for an exchange at the entrance.

The online sale is closed at 7.00 pm on the day before the start of the event.

To proceed with the purchase on this platform it is essential that the “Flash” plug-in is present on the PC / tablet / smartphone used.

During the purchase phase, we recommend keeping a valid and unexpired credit card at hand (we DO NOT accept American Express and PayPal).

The online purchase of an access ticket requires user registration on the purchase portal. Registered users who have lost or forgotten login credentials to the system can request to receive an email with the credentials by writing to biglietteria@webland2000.com.

A help desk responds by telephone to problems during the purchase phase from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm at 0532 243625. For problems related to payments and failed acceptance of purchased title, please write to biglietteria@webland2000.com.

The online title guarantees a dedicated access to the event. Owners of tickets purchased online will therefore have to enter exclusively from the LATO SUD – INGRESSO A entrance, where there will be optical readers suitable for the digital cancellation of the titles. Access from other passages will be prevented.