Cooperation, conference with Susanna Camusso

“Reggio Emilia Cooperation. Buildings and wood. What prospects? ” is the title of the conference which will be held on July 18th, 2017 at Fiere Reggio Emilia organized by FILLEA CGIL. The free event will be held from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm. The General Secretary of CGIL Susanna Camusso will close the conference.

“After almost nine years of devastating crisis for the construction sector, which in particular in Reggio Emilia has seen a loss of more than 60% of companies and direct workers, in addition to the loss of a number not yet fully determined of indirect workers (artisans, VAT and subcontractors who applied different contracts and therefore difficult to control) and various suppliers, we think this initiative is necessary “, explain the organizers of the conference.

“In particular, we believe that in Reggio Emilia it is necessary to start again from the cooperation of production and work, as a model that first brought the liberation from the exploitation of workers and then led to the development and wealth of our province”.

“We think that the failure of five of the largest and most important Italian cooperatives born in our province,” follow Fillea Cgil “should not let us stop fighting for a restart that would be important to start from Reggio Emilia, to reconstruct all that that was virtuous and positive, avoiding instead how much experience has taught us to be deleterious “.

“For this reason we think we must start from rights, work, democracy and legality – the organizers of the conference conclude – and around these values we want to confront institutions, cooperation and politics to see if today exists the necessary sharing of these objectives and willingness to work together with a new project that is for a future of alternative development to models of exploitation and denial of rights “.


The program of the event is below.