International Dog Show at Fiere Reggio Emilia

International Dog Show at the Fairs: success of partecipation. Unique in Italy
Great participation at the International Dog Show ongoing at Fiere Reggio Emilia, which began on Friday 17th March and will end on Sunday 19th March.
Fiere Reggio Emilia hosts an international exhibition of dogs unique in Italy. Hundreds of specimens have been gathered inside the Fair pavilions for a consolidated event, promoted by the Gruppo Cinofilo Reggiano.
There are 6026 dogs enrolled in competitions with masters from all over Europe, while the judges who will decide which specimens to award medals are 49 and come from all over the world. The represented breeds are in total 300. Particular curiosity from the visitors is receiving the Russian greyhound.
Product sectors: Czechoslovak wolfhound; Brie sheepdog; Rough Collie; Great Dane; Doberman; Dogo Argentino; Dogue de bordeaux; Rottweiler; German pinscher; Miniature Pinscher; Shar pei; American staffordshire terrier; Basenji; Keeshond; Basset Hound; Poodle; Labrador Retriever; Afghan Hound.
Satisfaction for Fausto Mattioli, President of the Gruppo Cinofilo Reggiano (editor’s note, in the photo with the Fiere Reggio Emilia’s Director Marco Bertolotti): “In a climate of fruitful collaboration with Fiere Reggio Emilia, the International Dog Show is successfully confirming its uniqueness in the Italian panorama “.