Camer Club’s Mostra Scambio has been inaugurated

Grand inauguration for the 37th Camer Mostra Scambio, the event organized by the Club Auto and Moto d’Epoca at Fiere Reggio Emilia. Gates overcrowded by thousands of enthusiasts from all over Europe from the early hours of the morning, thousands of cars, motorcycles, spare parts, accessories and vintage gadgets to welcome visitors. And the Punto Incontro, the good living room of the event, inaugurated by the leading exponents of the city of Reggio Emilia. The mayor Luca Vecchi, who cut the ribbon together with Giammaria Manghi, president of the Province. Next to them, the leaders of the Camer Club, represented by the President Maiko Rosati, the vice-president Giancarlo Professor Braglia, the secretary Filippo Curti, the managers of the Mostra Scambio Enzo Simonazzi, Stefano Bianchini, Eugenio La Rosa. Near them, world excellences in the motor field. A 1974 Ferrari Daytona, Triumph, Norton, BMW, Guzzi, Laverda bikes from the 70s, a Porsche of the same decade and a Rolls Royce of 1971 made in only 30 thousand units.

55 thousand square meters of exhibition, more than 1,600 exhibitors, more than 35 thousand visitors in the last edition: the Mostra Scambio of Camer is undoubtedly one of the most important European showcases of vintage cars and motorcycles, but also an inexhaustible and precious source of pieces spare parts, accessories, gadgets from every sector. A real boon for the fans, who turn to Camer in their incessant search for very rare pieces for their cars and motorcycles, or to arrange, or evaluate, the old car of his grandfather or the motorbike of his father who still find themselves in the garage.

The proposal will be, as usual, of great interest for an event that has stood out among the main Italian and international levels. The collector and lover of historic motoring will have the opportunity to find motorcycles, cars, cycles, accessories and vintage spare parts, as part of a high-level proposal where there will be many opportunities to discover all kinds of spare parts; from the motorcycle industry to the automotive sector, and then have the opportunity to find books, manuals and decals with the presence of the top specialists in the industry, also a great offer of modeling, plus complementary items: luggage, helmets, plates, gadgets and a lot other.

On display: cars, motorcycles, mopeds, roller engines, tractors, in short, everything that travels on historic wheels.

But Camer Mostra Scambio has also been for some years an interesting cultural moment for the simple curious: thanks to the realization of the Punto Incontro, the Camer decided to stage interesting collateral events that gave the opportunity to the exhibition to host pieces really very rare. For some years, then, Camer’s “living room” has become an identifying moment of the event, which every year renews itself in the name of quality. And it will be so also in 2017, the year in which the Camer Club decided to celebrate the European motorcycles that marked the ’70s, a decade characterized by the overwhelming entry on the market of Japanese brands.

This year there will be a novelty. Next to the Punto Incontro will be operational, for the duration of the event, the infopoint of the Club where you can find all the news about the tours, events, appointments of the Camer already on the agenda for the year 2017. The infopoint will be set up inside a vintage vehicle, a typical 1960s original London double decker bus never seen before at this event!

But the Mostra Scambio is not just for collectors or professionals: even just to dive in in the culture of vintage engines that makes the hearts of thousands of Camer members beat, tens of thousands of spectators from all over the world, every year, they eagerly await the Reggio Emilia Mostra Scambio which has never disappointed them in their expectations.