Safe driving courses at Fiere Reggio Emilia

The Safe Driving Course organized by Formula Guida Sicura of Grosseto took place on May 25th at the northern square of the Reggio Emilia Fairs. “The training of drivers to safe driving is an extremely effective tool to prevent and reduce the tragic number of deaths and injuries generated by road accidents every year – the organizers highlight -. For this reason it is important, besides the normal driving school, to continue training in a specific way, especially for those who drive vehicles by profession.

Our safe driving courses are in fact designed and structured to make all the drivers aware of the technical knowledge of the vehicles and above all what are the maneuvers to be implemented in situations of danger. Quite different from fast driving, safe driving is based on safety and driving quality in every situation. Therefore, the course aims to train specifically for:

  • improve the driving quality of the driver which translates into greater safety when driving vehicles during the service;
  • introduce concepts that help the driver like the correct optical technique;
  • train the driver to be able to react correctly in dealing with critical driving situations and in dangerous situations;
  • update on the new electronic systems installed on board the vehicles on the market;
  • allow participants to acquire specific driving training that enables them to increase safety while driving any vehicle category.

For any further information enter the website of Formula Guida Sicura