Running on the Calatrava bridges, departure from the Fairs

Running on the Calatrava bridges, departure from the Fairs

On Friday 2nd June, the “10.000 Meters on the Calatrava Bridges” event will take place at Fiere Reggio Emilia, now in its eighth edition, for which more than 1,000 people will participate. This is a 10 kilometer competitive running and a non-competitive walk of 04-10 kilometers organized by Tricolore Sport Marathon in memory of William Zelioli. In order to take part in the competitive test, you must be subscriber of Fidal-Uisp or another institution promoting sports. In the case of free athletes, it is necessary to present a medical certificate of competitive suitability for sports practice, issued for athletics.

It is possible to register for the competitive running by 12.00 am on Tuesday, May 30th through the Uisp platform with a cost of 5 euros. Alternatively, you can register for the competitive test the same evening of June 2nd by 8:30 pm at a cost of 8 euros.

Registration for non-competitive walking costs 2 euros.

The meeting is scheduled at 7.00 pm at Fiere Reggio Emilia.

At 8:30 pm the non-competitive 4 km walk will begin.

At 9:20 pm, the competitive 10-kilometer running will start and the non-competitive 10-kilometer will also be in the queue.

Participation awards will be given to all non-competitive walkers. As for the competitive race, a race pack will be given to all members after the chip has been returned. In addition, the first 5 absolute men and the first 3 absolute women will be awarded.

Saranno infinFinally, the companies with at least 10 members will be rewarded.

Particularity: the sporting event that takes place on the Calatrava bridges is the only event that will close the Calatrava bridges for one evening. Participants and the public for an evening can live in an almost surreal atmosphere, a walk suspended between earth and sky.

For the occasion, the bridges will be lighten up with the colors of the Tricolore, a tribute to the Republic Day which is celebrated on June 2nd.