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Fiere Reggio Emilia

Built in 1985, Reggio Emilia Exhibition Centre is located in the centre of the most crucial area of the city. The one overlooked by the Calatrava bridges, a stone’s throw away from the new Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana railway station and a few hundred meteres from the A1 motorway exit.
At Fiere Reggio Emilia came to light very successful events such as Casa & Tavola, Cambi & Scambi, Shopping, Pin, Salone del Cavallo, while the availability of an adequate structure has eased the growth and consolidation also of hosted  initiatives such as the Rassegna Suinicola Internazionale, the Mostra ornitologica internazionale and the Mostra Regionale Bovini da latte, but also the Mostra-scambio di auto, moto e ricambi d’epoca, the national antiques exhibition “Oro, incenso e antico” and the Mostra internazionale canina.

Key position

In the middle of Area Vasta Emiliana, a few meteres from TAV and from the motorway exit, a strategic position for our territory


Conference rooms

Ideal solutions for those who need to organise conferences, conventions, meetings of different dimensions and typology.


4 Pavilions

105.000 square meteres of area of which 18.000 of covered expositive area.


Parking lot for everyone

More than 1200 parking lots allow usability for everyone and for exhibitors.


Fiere Reggio Emilia

Fiere Reggio Emilia
15 Filangieri street,
Reggio Emilia – 42124

(+39) 0522-232602

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